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Who we are
Quveon, Inc. was founded to develop a portfolio of proprietary technologies with applications in Karl Fischer method of moisture analysis. We develop and manufacture a full line of KF reagents for a variety of industries and applications. In addition, the company is engaged in design and testing of novel electrode materials for application in future titrator models.
Currently, we produce Karl Fischer reagents for all types of moisture titration and work with customers and distributors in multiple markets around the globe.

Our offices and R&D facilities are located in Southern California.

Our Customers
General Motors
Clean Harbors
The Andersons
Renewable BioFuels
Piramal Pharma
Quveon Advantage
How Quveon helps you
We are an integrated technology company that designs and manufactures all its products. This translates into the ability to quickly respond to customer needs and adapt to the requirements of the technology or the end user. We have the flexibility to modify a reagent to meet a specific analytical demand and produce custom batches of reagents.

From advanced quality control to streamlined and cost-effective shipping solutions, Quveon offers the most value at a high level of quality. We aim to bring new and exciting technologies into the KF world and make it a rewarding experience for all.

Coulometric Reagents
Our coulometric reagents are formulated for optimal performance in a wide range of generator currents, have a stable titration end point and a high reagent capacity.
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Cost-effective shipping options
Streamlined logistics organization allows us to offer the lowest-cost shipping options with major carriers.
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Company leadership
Sasha Buzko, Ph.D.
Dr. Buzko has received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Princeton University in 2003 and followed it with a four year tenure at San Diego Supercomputer Center. In the following years, Dr. Buzko has worked in pharmaceutical drug discovery and technology development.
Prior to founding Quveon, Inc., he has authored a number of research papers in peer-reviewed journals and has been actively involved in chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
Volodymyr S. Sereda, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Sereda has received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Soviet Union Academy of Sciences in 1990. He has worked extensively on analytical methods, primarily focusing on improving Karl Fischer titration applied to moisture analysis of natural gas and petrochemicals, as well as difficult to analyze organic compounds, such as ketones. Dr. Sereda has been involved in several ventures in Russia focusing on manufacturing KF reagents. In recent years, he has developed a number of technologies that allow for a high degree of control over cavitation effects and increased temperatures during high current Karl Fischer titration. This work has produced the intellectual property that Quveon, Inc. is developing into commercial products. Dr. Sereda is one of the founders of the company.