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Quveon is currently expanding its Karl Fischer reagent market beyond the United States and Canada with the full lineup of products and services. We work with distributors and large end users in Western Europe, Asia and the Americas to provide a stable supply of Karl Fischer reagents for a variety of industries and applications.

We offer a highly competitive pricing structure to distributors in markets around the world and work with direct representation and through private label arrangements.
Quveon products highlights
Composit series reagents for fast and accurate one-component volumetric titration
Two-component high-accuracy volumetric titration reagents for aldehydes and ketones
Universal coulometric vessel solution for all types of titration cells
Coulometric reagents for fuels, oils, fats, biofuels and petrochemicals
High-quality generator solutions for accurate titrations of moisture content as low as 1 ppm
Volumetric solvents for titration of oils, fats and fuels
WaveTrace Reagents by Quveon
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