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We focus our considerable analytical chemistry experience in the area of moisture titration, with design and manufacturing of Karl Fischer reagents being the primary thrust of our business. Quveon produces a wide variety of reagents for both coulometric and volumetric titration markets. We can provide optimal solutions for both general purpose titration and applications requiring special reagents, such as analysis of fuels, oils, long-chain hydrocarbons, sugars, fats, flavors and fragrances and many others.

Quveon has an active R&D program focused on improving reagent formulations to achieve fast and accurate titration. For instance, volumetric reagents for titration of aldehydes and ketones have been refined to produce precise and reliable results. Solvent D for volumetric titration of fats and oils is currently the best solution on the market for this application. It provides exceptionally fast titration along with a sharp and easily detectable endpoint.

Our R&D department can accommodate requests for custom reagent formulations for difficult to analyze samples or to provide guidance on selecting the best solution for your specific application.
We manufacture a wide range of reagents for coulometric Karl Fischer titration, supporting general applications and special cases including long chain hydrocarbons, fats and oils.
All reagents are formulated for best performance with a stable titration end point and high analysis capacity. Low electrical resistance helps avoid overheating of the solution and extends the lifetime of the reagent.
Quveon produces a full line of volumetric Karl Fischer reagents, including solutions for one- and two-component titration, as well as solvents for analysis of samples that are poorly soluble in methanol.
Our proprietary formulation of the working medium for one-component titration (Methanol Sharp) assures exceptionally fast analysis with accurate and highly reproducible results.
Reagent service highlights
All reagents manufactured and distributed by Quveon, Inc. are subject to its 5 year warranty. For additional details please refer to the terms and conditions of sales.
All reagents in 1L quantities are packaged in bottles with GL45 caps compatible with standard connectors for KF titrators. This eliminates the need for bottle adapters and ensures a direct connection.
We strive to provide fast and reliable service, with all currently available reagents shipped on the day of the order or next day. Since all reagents are manufactured in California, any reagent can be produced on demand when requested.