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  • Coulometric
    KF Reagents

    Coulometric Karl Fischer reagents for high accuracy titration. Our products cover applications from ethanol and biodiesel to plastics, pharmaceutical ingredients, and crude oil. Shop Now
  • Volumetric
    KF Reagents

    Volumetric Karl Fischer reagents for fast and precise one- or two-component analysis. Wide range of solvents for sharp titration endpoints and reproducible results. Shop Now
  • Standards
    & Buffer Solutions

    Water standards at three different concentrations for determination of titer and verification of results in coulometric analysis. Buffer solutions enable accurate titration of samples with extreme pH levels. Shop Now

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Quveon is a technology-based company developing and perfecting reagents and instrumentation for Karl Fischer analysis. We bring high performance products to the market at affordable prices helping labs around the world achieve their objectives. Our manufacturing and research facilities are located in North Carolina.

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