Reagent reference table

WaveTrace™ Reagent Catalog number Hydranal™ equivalent Aquastar™ equivalent Application
Coulometric AGR 11008 Coulomat AG/AD   General purpose coulometric titration with or without diaphragm (chloroform-free)
Coulometric AGR-C 15572 Coulomat A Coulomat A/ CombiCoulomat Frit(less) For fuels and chemicals insoluble in methanol (contains chloroform)
Coulometric AGR-Oven 18411 Coulomat AG-Oven   For coulometric titration with an oven (chloroform-free)
Coulometric AGR-Oil 17145 Coulomat Oil   For crude oil, biofuels and petrochemicals
Coulometric AHR 16138 Coulomat AG-H   For oils, fats and biodiesel (chloroform-free)
Coulometric CGR 13060 Coulomat CG Coulomat C Universal catholyte/generator solution
Composit T5 23268 Composite 5 CombiTitrant 5/ Composite 5 Volumetric one-component reagent, titer 5 mg/ml
Composit T2 23336 Composite 2 CombiTitrant 2/ Composite 2 One-component reagent, titer 2 mg/ml
Composit T1 23367 Composite 1 CombiTitrant 1 One-component reagent, titer 1 mg/ml
Methanol Sharp 24275 Methanol Rapid CombiMethanol Working medium for one-component titration
Composit K5 31176 Composite 5 K CombiTitrant 5 Keto One-component reagent for ketone titration, titer 5 mg/ml
Composit K2 31381     One-component reagent for ketone titration, titer 2 mg/ml
Solvent KT 43503 Medium K CombiSolvent Keto Solvent/working medium for ketone titration
Titrant T5 22251 Titrant 5 Titrant 5 Reagent for two-component titration, titer 5 mg/ml
Titrant T2 25299 Titrant 2  Titrant 2 Reagent for two-component titration, titer 2 mg/ml
Solvent 21114 Solvent Solvent Solvent for two-component titration
Solvent C 20275 Solvent CM   Solvent/working medium for samples poorly soluble in methanol (contains chloroform)
Solvent CX 26541 Solvent (Crude) oil CombiSolvent Crude Oils Solvent/working medium for fuels, petrochemicals and crude oil
Solvent D 20671 LipoSolver MH Solvent Oils & Fats Solvent/working medium for oils, fats and biodiesel
Buffer Acid 20756 Buffer Acid   Buffer solution for titration of strong acids
Buffer Base 20787 Buffer Base   Buffer solution for titration of strong bases