Regulatory Information

Karl Fischer reagents in the Composit and Titrant series contain quantities of iodine that place them under restrictions imposed by the US Drug Enforcement Administration. Customers who wish to purchase these reagents from Quveon must fill out an Authorized Purchaser form that indicates who in the recipient’s organization may place orders for Composit and/or Titrant reagents. The intent of the form is to make sure that Quveon only ships these reagents to appropriate personnel. Forms are valid for a period of one year, after which time they need to be renewed.

If you would like to verify whether your intended purchases are subject to this requirement, please feel free to contact us and select “Regulatory” as the subject of your inquiry. For additional information, please refer to the website of the Office of Diversion Control of the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

Download Authorized Purchaser Form

Notice for California customers: All shipments of Composit and Titrant reagents are subject to a 21-day wait period as mandated by California Controlled Substances Program of the State Department of Justice. In addition, two forms of identification for the company and/or ordering person are required. The corresponding Authorized Purchaser form can be downloaded here.