Moisture content is one of the most critical quality parameters in products that are made or used by industries that range from oil refining to pharmaceuticals. We produce Karl Fischer reagents and technology that mean precision and reliability of analysis.

Our goal is to help our customers assure exceptional quality of their products.

KF Reagents
Quveon manufactures a wide range of KF reagents for coulometric and volumetric titrators. We have introduced a number of improvements in the specific formulations to enhance current efficiency, increase accuracy and significantly reduce errors of measurement.
Our reagents are compatible with all commercial titrators, including high current devices of the Orion series.
KF reagents are available through our online store.
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Custom formulated reagents
We are actively working on perfecting our reagent formulations to optimize performance and versatility.
In particular, volumetric reagents for titration of aldehydes and ketones have been formulated for improved speed of titration and extended shelf life with no degradation of quality.
Our R&D department can accommodate requests for custom formulations targeted at specific sample types and mixture compositions, including minimization of side reactions and improvement of performance at higher currents of coulometric titration.
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Electrode Materials
Quveon has developed a series of composite materials based on carbon copolymers that have electrochemical characteristics approaching those of platinum.
Our leading product is QX-C that combines electrochemical parameters of platinum with accessibility and ease of incorporation in electrode assemblies. In combination with the new titrator design, QX-C allows for a more compact and reliable form factor that ensures accuracy and simplicity of operation.
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