Karl Fischer Reagents
Quveon manufactures a wide range of Karl Fischer reagents for coulometric and volumetric titration. We have introduced multiple improvements in a number of formulations to enhance current efficiency, increase accuracy and significantly reduce errors of measurement.

Our WaveTrace™ line of KF reagents is compatible with all commercial titrators and is being used by labs across multiple industries.

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Titration Standards
Quveon KF titration standards
We produce high precision standards for Karl Fischer instrument calibration and for determining the titer of volumetric reagents. These products are made with standard reference materials and are NIST-traceable.

The water content ranges from 1% in Standard 10.0 to 0.01% or 100 ppm in Standard 0.1 used in titrations of samples with low water content, such as fuels and petroleum products.

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Custom reagent development
We have the expertise and experience to assist our customers in development of reagents custom-tailored to their requirements. These situations may include poor sample solubility in common solvents, high reactivity or stability issues.

With our in-depth knowledge of the titration processes, can also diagnose the root causes of measurement problems experienced by labs in any industry and propose a suitable reagent or develop a custom solution.

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